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THE SOLO SHOW!!! Julie Christmas, Steve Brodsky, Kevin Hufnagel

This is a special treat brought to you on Feb 4th by 1000 knives at Saint Vitus Bar.

Julie Christmas is the amazing voice of the equally amazing Made Out of Babies and Battle of Mice. Her solo effort “The Bad Wife” came out in 2010 and is a hauntingly beautiful art rock effort.  Check it:

Steve Brodsky is best known for being the frontman of Boston’s own Cave-in but he has been putting out a wide range of solo material for years.  i got to play a show with him in the UK  a few years back and its worth it to just see the guy play acoustic guitar.  He’s amazing. Here’s a pretty video:

Kevin Hufnagel is the virtuoso guitarist of so many projects, too many to mention.  There really is no point because his solo records speak for themselves. His new effort “Transparencies” evokes all the right adjectives: epic, sweeping, brilliant!