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Faster Pussycat turns Manhattan Ave into the Sunset Strip

I went to High School in the 80’s and there was no musical movement I disliked more than “glam metal”.  Ok, maybe jazz.     Sooooo, when it was decided i needed to do a Blog entry for the Faster Pussycat show on March 7th, I had to do some research on the band. What I found was a band that has had a “Behind the Music’s” amount of turmoil and change including, but not exclusively limited to, in-fighting, illness, and an apparent dramatic shift to the Industrial genre. Nearly every night I get to hear “House of Pain” during our nightly last call, metal ballads ritual, so this industrial period was a surprise to me. Maybe I should have been suspicious when meeting Taime Downe in LA at a Marilyn Manson after party. He looked like he should’ve been in Manson’s band or at least doing blow with him in a Hollywood Hills Mansion. Honestly, I can’t really remember, I was drunk. Maybe he always looked like that, what do i know? I do remember that he seemed very nice. Regardless, when we announced this show, the NYC glam community started emailing us in great frequency to open the show. Unfortunately for them, the entire show was booked in advance but it made me realize that a call for this sort of nostalgia, beyond the usual suspects, was still there. With that said we are honored to have these stalwarts of the Sunset Strip grace our stage and bring a little of the good times, 80’s excess fun to an unsuspecting Wednesday night.  I think I’ve loosened up enough to have fun in my old age. Acey Slade and the Dark Party play support…