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Whole Lotta Notes

Colin Marston and Kevin Hufnagel seem like busy dudes. Innovative and groundbreaking dudes. Dudes of much virtuosity! DUDE!!! I just listened to Marston’s Behold….the Arctopus and I think it might have put me over the edge. Dude is the only word I got left. Sorry. This band is fucking insane. Marston lends his quick hands to Krallice and Behold…the Arctopus. Hufnagel to Vaura and his amazing solo work. Together they are in Dysrythmia and Canadian Death Metaller’s, Gorguts. Hufnagel has graced our stage a few times already in full uke-solo form and with the amazing Vaura (get this record!). We haven’t been able to get Krallice to play yet (i stress yet) but Feb 24th, Saint Vitus will host the insanity of Behold…the Arctopus followed by Dysrythmia on March 22nd. I tend to dislike music with no vocals. Most of the time it seems to me like a bunch of dudes who couldn’t sing themselves and/ or get a long with a singer but in this case, a singer is not even left as a possibility. This shit is mind blowing!!! True instrumental music played by masters of their craft. Listen for yourselves. No more of my ignorant ranting….