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We don’t get too many straight power/prog metal bands playing the bar.  It’s seems to be a very European thing and as far as our scene here in Brooklyn, it’s pretty non-existant.  Dark Empire not only exist but they fucking rip!  I can’t wait.

Brooklyn Vegan brings us Mares of fucking Thrace 5/15/12

Ok, i was skeptical. I’ll admit it. Then i saw this. Holy fucking heavy! Combine that with a band that literally shook the entire block the last time they played, Battilus and Brooklyn’s own girls de force, Mortals, we have a tuesday to be reckoned with!


We’ve been open 1 Year! These sorts of accomplishments deserve recognition, especially  in the harsh NYC environment, so why not a full week of it!!! It’s a full blown celebration! It starts on Monday April 23rd with some incredible jesus lizard/ shoegazey tinged post-hardcore from Louisville in the form of Young Widows. Tuesday, April 24th, brings […]

Young Widows 4/23

“Young Widows are the bastard child of Jesus Lizard and Neurosis”, yes? On their latest record “In and Out of Youth and Lightness”, i would swear Michael Gira sings on the opening song.  Maybe i’m crazy. Bottom line? They kind of rule!

Whole Lotta Notes

Colin Marston and Kevin Hufnagel seem like busy dudes. Innovative and groundbreaking dudes. Dudes of much virtuosity! DUDE!!! I just listened to Marston’s Behold….the Arctopus and I think it might have put me over the edge. Dude is the only word I got left. Sorry. This band is fucking insane. Marston lends his quick hands […]

Faster Pussycat turns Manhattan Ave into the Sunset Strip

I went to High School in the 80’s and there was no musical movement I disliked more than “glam metal”.  Ok, maybe jazz.     Sooooo, when it was decided i needed to do a Blog entry for the Faster Pussycat show on March 7th, I had to do some research on the band. What […]

THE SOLO SHOW!!! Julie Christmas, Steve Brodsky, Kevin Hufnagel

This is a special treat brought to you on Feb 4th by 1000 knives at Saint Vitus Bar. Julie Christmas is the amazing voice of the equally amazing Made Out of Babies and Battle of Mice. Her solo effort “The Bad Wife” came out in 2010 and is a hauntingly beautiful art rock effort.  Check […]

Jan 30th is Black Monday at Saint Vitus Bar

I’m really excited about this show, even if i have to sling drinks during it. USBM style!!!

Got Djent? Ever Forthright, Ultrageist, The Binary Code Jan 26 @ Saint Vitus

Djent[1] is a heavy metal music subgenre that emerged as a spin-off from progressive metal.[2][3] Coined by the band Meshuggah, it was popularized through the internet by Periphery, specifically guitarist Misha Mansoor. The word “djent” is an onomatopoeia for a heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar chord. Typically, the word is used to refer to music that […]


Holy Shit, This band totally destroyed the bar a few weeks ago. we can’t stop listening to their EP on Brutal Panda. Check em out here