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We don’t get too many straight power/prog metal bands playing the bar.  It’s seems to be a very European thing and as far as our scene here in Brooklyn, it’s pretty non-existant.  Dark Empire not only exist but they fucking rip!  I can’t wait.

Brooklyn Vegan brings us Mares of fucking Thrace 5/15/12

Ok, i was skeptical. I’ll admit it. Then i saw this.

Holy fucking heavy!
Combine that with a band that literally shook the entire block the last time they played, Battilus and Brooklyn’s own girls de force, Mortals, we have a tuesday to be reckoned with!

Good Morning From the master covering a master…

Arty’s Personal Top Ten of the 1st Year of Saint Vitus Bar

maybe the other guys will contribute to this but till then, here is…..

my totally selfish top 10 bands that i actually got to see (sort of) instead of having to bartend for the first year of saint vitus bar in which i tried to leave the local bands out so i don’t look like i’m playing favorites in no particular order:

Walter Schreifels residency in april. this was a real treat for quicksand/rival schools fans or anyone into great song writing. walter is an old friend, a legend, and awesome guy. hopefully we will get him back this year.

Helstar- old thrashers were a common theme this year as 1987 seemed to make a strong come back. these guys in particular, were fucking amazing. they were, hands down, the best sounding band to play the bar.

Hate Eternal- holy crap my pants! this was my favorite show we have ever had at the bar. hate eternal is fucking extreme and amazing and made me want to kill people even more than someone who graffiti’s the bathroom’s with their stupid, ugly tag. seriously, this band wipe’s their ass with anyone who thinks they are extreme. “it’s totally extreme”- poochy.

Inquisition- not because i got to see them, i didn’t. they are on this list for the Rush listening party i had with them at 4am after they played. it was fun as hell.

TONY IOMMI book signing – around the bar, this is the stuff of legend. no, it wasn’t a show but TONY fucking IOMMI was in the bar. he used the bathroom. he made remark about my guitar on the stage. he took 2 pictures with people. he said the place was dark. most of all, he signed books. a real rock gentleman. the following day, he flew to LA to announce the Sabbath reunion. we wish him the best in his recovery.

Anatomy of Habit- a chicago ensemble that ripped our stage up with their very eclectic and strange combo of noise, goth and metal. simply amazing.

Premonition 13- Wino in saint vitus. nuff said. cool guy. total legend.

Chelsea Wolfe – total freak show! loved it.

Kvelertak – this band basically moved in when they were in town. their secret show seemed like the logical thing to do since they were going to be there anyway! the show itself was fucking amazing and fun as hell.

Abstract Artimus – this guy rocks. he has played the bar twice, probably to 30 people total but he kills it like its a sold out madison square garden. it ain’t metal, it’s just fun.


Check this shit out!




We’ve been open 1 Year! These sorts of accomplishments deserve recognition, especially  in the harsh NYC environment, so why not a full week of it!!! It’s a full blown celebration! It starts on Monday April 23rd with some incredible jesus lizard/ shoegazey tinged post-hardcore from Louisville in the form of Young Widows. Tuesday, April 24th, brings us Indiana’s own Melvin’s loving freaks, Racebannon. Inquisition and amazing guests make Thursday and Friday strictly for Satan. The week is rounded out with some tech death/thrash as Revocation hits our stage! Seriously, there is no reason to leave! Actually, you can’t sleep at the bar so don’t ask.

Young Widows 4/23

“Young Widows are the bastard child of Jesus Lizard and Neurosis”, yes? On their latest record “In and Out of Youth and Lightness”, i would swear Michael Gira sings on the opening song.  Maybe i’m crazy. Bottom line? They kind of rule!

Old School. New School. Fuck You!

Not many bands can brag that they have had 17 members! 17!!! Bristol, England’s Onslaught can. I guess they have an excuse, they’ve been around on and off since 1983. What they can really boast about is having released some the most seminal thrash records of the 80’s. I have a strong opinion about Thrash as a specific sub-genre of metal, it was all done in the 80’s. Seriously, there might be a lot of really great modern Thrash bands out there today, but they are really just retreading the riffs of the masters. For my money, 1986’s “The Force” is one of those prototype records. It has the remnants of a punk background mixed with a metal future. That’s true Thrash! Oddly enough, with all that history, Onslaught has never toured in the U.S., till now! April 7th we are proud to host their first show in NYC and the last show of their “Scream for Violence” with Mpire Evil, who feature ex-members of Venom. As if this show wasn’t enough at that, today we just got the confirmation of a fixture of the 80’s east coast underground metal scene, Indestructible Noise Command. For those not as ancient as I, I.N.C. were an amazingly fun live band from Connecticut, who I last saw grace the stage opening for Testament on the “New Order” tour, I think. Yeah, that’s a long long time ago. Like Onslaught, they reformed in the oughts with newfound vigor and put out some great records. Seriously, get to this show early.

Whole Lotta Notes

Colin Marston and Kevin Hufnagel seem like busy dudes. Innovative and groundbreaking dudes. Dudes of much virtuosity! DUDE!!! I just listened to Marston’s Behold….the Arctopus and I think it might have put me over the edge. Dude is the only word I got left. Sorry. This band is fucking insane. Marston lends his quick hands to Krallice and Behold…the Arctopus. Hufnagel to Vaura and his amazing solo work. Together they are in Dysrythmia and Canadian Death Metaller’s, Gorguts. Hufnagel has graced our stage a few times already in full uke-solo form and with the amazing Vaura (get this record!). We haven’t been able to get Krallice to play yet (i stress yet) but Feb 24th, Saint Vitus will host the insanity of Behold…the Arctopus followed by Dysrythmia on March 22nd. I tend to dislike music with no vocals. Most of the time it seems to me like a bunch of dudes who couldn’t sing themselves and/ or get a long with a singer but in this case, a singer is not even left as a possibility. This shit is mind blowing!!! True instrumental music played by masters of their craft. Listen for yourselves. No more of my ignorant ranting….




I’m old as dirt and was privileged to so many of the great progenitors of the Death Metal genre. Back then, the Tampa scene dominated. Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel and so many more weaved their way up the East Coast to my neck of Long Island. From a city seemingly void of culture, they brought this extremely dark and visceral art form that shaped my love of extreme metal. Over the years we’ve seen the genre twist and turn, mostly going into further, gorier extremes, but I will always remember Morbid Angel blowing my fucking mind the first time i saw them on the “Altars of Madness” tour. They were more than a straight Death band, it was whole other level. To this day, i don’t think i’ve seen a drummer play ilke Pete Sandoval. It was inhuman!

On March 9 we welcome some of the older school to Saint Vitus in the form of Hate Eternal. Singer/guitarist/producer, Erik Rutan, has been in and out Morbid Angel for years but I haven’t seen him play on stage since his time with Ripping Corpse. They were selling their demo at the show if i remember correctly. Told you i was old!

To use one of the more overstated descriptions from the metal dictionary , Hate Eternal is fucking SiiiiCK!  No other way to explain!