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Brooklyn Vegan brings us Mares of fucking Thrace 5/15/12

Ok, i was skeptical. I’ll admit it. Then i saw this. Holy fucking heavy! Combine that with a band that literally shook the entire block the last time they played, Battilus and Brooklyn’s own girls de force, Mortals, we have a tuesday to be reckoned with!


Check this shit out! with HOLY FUCK!


We’ve been open 1 Year! These sorts of accomplishments deserve recognition, especially  in the harsh NYC environment, so why not a full week of it!!! It’s a full blown celebration! It starts on Monday April 23rd with some incredible jesus lizard/ shoegazey tinged post-hardcore from Louisville in the form of Young Widows. Tuesday, April 24th, brings […]

Whole Lotta Notes

Colin Marston and Kevin Hufnagel seem like busy dudes. Innovative and groundbreaking dudes. Dudes of much virtuosity! DUDE!!! I just listened to Marston’s Behold….the Arctopus and I think it might have put me over the edge. Dude is the only word I got left. Sorry. This band is fucking insane. Marston lends his quick hands […]

THE SOLO SHOW!!! Julie Christmas, Steve Brodsky, Kevin Hufnagel

This is a special treat brought to you on Feb 4th by 1000 knives at Saint Vitus Bar. Julie Christmas is the amazing voice of the equally amazing Made Out of Babies and Battle of Mice. Her solo effort “The Bad Wife” came out in 2010 and is a hauntingly beautiful art rock effort.  Check […]

Jan 30th is Black Monday at Saint Vitus Bar

I’m really excited about this show, even if i have to sling drinks during it. USBM style!!!

Let’s do this!

Activate Saint Vitus Bar’s official blog. An idea that exists to promote shows and share our thoughts about the world of music, imbibing and maybe even food. The idea is to fill willing participants minds with numbing intoxicants of amazingness and talk about things, shit and stuff… Let’s start with Grey Area, a band featuring […]