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Old School. New School. Fuck You!

Not many bands can brag that they have had 17 members! 17!!! Bristol, England’s Onslaught can. I guess they have an excuse, they’ve been around on and off since 1983. What they can really boast about is having released some the most seminal thrash records of the 80’s. I have a strong opinion about Thrash […]

Got Djent? Ever Forthright, Ultrageist, The Binary Code Jan 26 @ Saint Vitus

Djent[1] is a heavy metal music subgenre that emerged as a spin-off from progressive metal.[2][3] Coined by the band Meshuggah, it was popularized through the internet by Periphery, specifically guitarist Misha Mansoor. The word “djent” is an onomatopoeia for a heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar chord. Typically, the word is used to refer to music that […]