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Bloodletting North America Tour XIII


Visceral Disgorge

Signs of the Swarm

Disentomb (2)



Mental Cruelty

Saint Vitus
Ages 21+
BLOODLETTING NORTH AMERICA TOUR XIII Disentomb Visceral Disgorge Signs Of The Swarm Continuum Organectomy Mental Cruelty


Death metal band from Brisbane, Australia.

Visceral Disgorge

Death metal band from Baltimore, MD, US.

Signs Of The Swarm:

Signs Of The Swarm is a Deathcore from Pittsburgh. Formed in 2014

Current Members:

David Somonich - Vocals (2018-Present) (Ex-Improvidence)

Cory Smarsh - Guitar (2014-Present)

Jacob Toy - Guitar (2015-Present) (Ex-Nephele)

Jimmy Pino - Drums (2016-Present) (Ex-The Hopewell Furnace)

Bobby Crow - Drums (2014-2016) Bass (2016-Present)

Past Members:

CJ Mcreery - Vocals (2014-2018) (Now Lorna Shore)

Collin Barker - Bass (2014-2016)


Brutal Death Metal Band formed in 2010, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Mental Cruelty

Brutal Slamming Deathcore from Karlsruhe, Germany

Venue Information:
Saint Vitus
1120 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11222